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FREE desktop pictures for PC's and Mac's. Combining traditional 2D art with the powerful realism of 3D CGI, (computer graphic imaging).

This site consists of 67 original desktop wallpapers, in three different formats to accommodate most PC and Mac monitor sizes. Inreality uses the power of 3D to weave dramatic and endearing images of both reality and fiction. Subjects include: Triceratops, Orcas, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Flamingos, Reindeer, Otters, Butterflies, Dolphins, Brontosaurs, Teradactyls, and many other animals- not to mention the vistas, outer space nebulae, and "Bear Fluff".

Bring in reality to your desktop, with the realism of Inreality's desktop wallpapers.

© Samuel W. Fall (a.k.a. Alan Cole), Inreality, 2002